Poems & Stories

Below is a series of my favorite poems and stories from the last few years. Enjoy if you like.



develop strength


A little while ago
I told fear to go fuck itself
I put my feet up
It felt wonderful

This tiny parasite
Paralyzing me
Creating havoc in my soul
Using me as its host

But it’s time for it to stop
Assaulting my mind
And embrace it
Because fear does not know how to respond to love

Show it kindness and tell it to sit down
And watch you rise
High, high above
Till it can’t even touch you

My Eyes

My eyes disappear when they smile
Like the crescent moon
They tell the truth
When my words refuse

They are dark brown
Like the skin of the orphans I danced with
Like the muddy river of the Turkwel that I swam in

They are shiny
Like the glare on the windows of my plane
Where the sun rises on my right
And sets on the left

My eyes cry
Like the mist at the bottom of Kilimanjaro
And they tear
Like the pumps that feed water to the Kenyan farms

They get tired
They get sleepy
Like the weary backpackers in the hostels of Cambodia
And the overnighters on the trains from Bangkok to Chiangmai

The freckles underneath them
Are memories of all the places I’ve been to
A speckle of Halong Bay
A speckle of Peru

They tell the truth, they never lie
All they ever seek and strive
Are to be loved and kind

My eyes, my eyes
They smile like the crescent moon
And they are mine

The Rain on Canal

The rain on Canal is putting me in a chokehold
It makes the cabs look like beams of light
I lost my umbrella again somewhere on 16th and 9th
The icy cold rain pounding on me
My black dress dragging heavier with each step
I shiver and walk past the men of the ivory coast
They open their mouths to speak but all I see is fog
No Rolexes, no Guccis, Chanels or Pradas today
I’m free to pass
I walk past the art store that I used to love
The one with columns of acrylic paint and a creaky staircase
I walk past all the tourists soaking in their skinny flip flops
Confused about what to do in the rain
I walk past the Chinese ladies with their fanny packs
Grateful for the break from the rain
I hop in the train station
Unsure about what I’m looking for either
Maybe to feel a little bit more alive


When I’m on the road
I become friends
with the unknown
I make peace
with restlessness
When I’m on the road
I pretend time doesn’t exist
Until I realize it’s time to descend

The Tree that I Never Get to See

When roots start to form
I begin to take flight
I don’t know why
I don’t know how
I wish it ain’t so
But it’s the only way I know



It surprises me
That misbelonging is not a word
Because it feels so familiar to me